Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands are the northern most islands of Scotland and the British Isles and lie at 60 degrees north, over 100 miles from the Scottish mainland and as far north as St Petersburg or the southern tip of Greenland! The climate, however, is much milder due to the warming North Atlantic Current. The islands have a wonderfully wild and varied coastline, superb wildlife, history, archaeology, fascinating geology and friendly people. The capital and largest settlement, Lerwick, is a thriving and cosmopolitan town and a great base to stay – you can search for accommodation here.

I’ve only made one visit to the Shetland Islands so far, an excellent two week holiday in the summer of 2021, but all being well I’ll be back. I was blown away by some of the coastal scenery, the sense of space, the tranquillity, how much more extensive and varied the islands are than I’d imagined; and, not least, the kindness and friendliness of the people we met. It was a busy trip visiting a wide variety of places from Sumburgh Head in the far south, to Esha Ness in the west; Herma Ness in the far north of Unst; Mousa, Nibon, Fethaland and Ronas Hill in North Roe; boat trips around the islands of Bressay and Noss and more. Shetland has a huge amount to offer and explore.

Discover and explore the wonderful sights of Shetland through the articles and links below.

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Explore the wonderful landscapes of Scotland through the areas featured here - some of the most beautiful areas of Scotland; ...
The Northern End of the British Isles - Muckle Flugga and Out Stack
Shetland Islands
The Shetland Islands are the northern most islands of Scotland and the British Isles and lie at 60 degrees north, ...
Evening Light - The Sound of Nibon, Shetland
Shetland Islands select photo gallery
A select gallery of only my very best Shetland Islands photos. From amazing sunsets to diving gannets; ancient brochs to ...
The Chimneys and Roof Tops of Lerwick, Shetland
Lerwick is the thriving, cosmopolitan, largest town and capital of the Shetland Islands - a place you're almost certain to ...
Shetland Islands interactive map
Interactive map of the Shetland Islands - photos, places and routes. Have a play and explore with the map, click ...
The Forth Bridges - Northern Ends - 2, Edinburgh & The Lothians
Scotland Landscapes – select photo gallery – my favourites
A select gallery of only my favourite and best shots from around Scotland. From puffins at Herma Ness on Unst ...
Ronas Hill in Cloud at Sunset from Nibon, Shetland
Exploring Ronas Hill, the Lang Ayre and Turls Head – North Roe, Shetland
Ronas Hill is Shetland's highest hill at just 450 metres in height. It would barely be noted as a hill ...
Puffins at Sumburgh - 3, Shetland
Shetland – Highlights of a Summer Visit
After postponing our planned 2020 trip to Shetland we were keen to make it in 2021 if safe to do ...

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